bogey & ruby

bogey & ruby

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Porridge Blues

This morning's concentrated effort was to go for a run, then eat a healthy breakfast. (I haven't done the latter in a long, long time.) 

But before taking care of me, I made the boys chocolate chips pancakes, albeit with a scowl on my face. Aunt Jemima, I think not. Ian suggested I buy frozen waffles but I am already extremely lazy when it comes to food preparation and am trying to limit the amount of processed stuff we eat. 

After my run, I had to resist the cries of "eat me" coming from the protein bars in the pantry, the made-from-a-mix muffins in the fridge and the bagels in the freezer. Old habits die hard and I tend to eat for comfort rather than sustenance. 

So what to make? Eggs? Nah. Last night's meatballs? Then what would we eat tonight? I do keep oatmeal in the house for baking purposes and figured it would be the perfect low glycemic index food. 

Reading the directions, I was surprised to note that I could prepare it in the microwave. Hurrah, food preparation time saved! A third cup of oatmeal plus a cup of water and a pinch of salt. Stir and heat. Re-stir and heat. Top with maple syrup instead of sugar 'cause it's a little healthier. Easy peesy. 

And awful. Blech, blech, blech. All that effort to be healthy and breakfast sucked, tasting more like gruel than porridge. No, thank you, sir, I won't have some more. What I do crave, more than ever now is a protein bar, muffin or bagel.

Where did I go wrong? Should I have made it on the stove top instead of the microwave? Used cream instead of water? Feedback is welcome as are your healthy breakfast tips.


  1. Breakfast ideas:

    French toast, made with whole grain bread. Easier and more nutritious than pancakes or waffles.

    Yogurt Fruit Delight: ½ C mixed frozen fruit (thawed in microwave), ½ C yogurt, 1/3 C granola.

    Toast and peanut butter

    Broiled cheese (cheese on bread melted under the broiler).

    Egg McSandwich: 1 fried egg, slice of ham, cheese, toasted whole wheat English muffin, mustard-mayo. Easy and will keep you satisfied until lunch.

    Super bonus: Fruit salad: (Caveat: Requires the ability to tell when fruits are ripe.) Cut fruits into chunks (papaya, cantaloupe, melon, watermelon, pineapple). Refrigerate in covered bowl. Add banana slices just before serving, if desired. Serve in beautiful little dish and pretend you are being spoiled in a tropical country. Really good with French toast. Eat within five days or it will start to ferment… which can be good too.

  2. Yummy. Thanks for the great ideas, LC! :)